Friday, April 23, 2010

New Helpers

We have some new helpers at the museum - a mother and son team! I'm really excited, we have the last few slides of the Jimmy McCullom collection getting scanned in today. It's taken over 200 man-hours to process and scan in the collection and it feels like a real accomplishment to have completion right around the corner. Once he's finished with the scanning, our new friend will start learning the tours. Having lived on the island for almost a year, he's nearly and expert!

His mom dabbled in library work in her college days and seems to have gotten right back into the swing of things. At this rate the library will be labeled with it's proper Dewey numbers in no time!

The youngest in the group is working on making a pathfinder for the reference files in the office. He keeps claiming that his typing isn't very good, but by the end of this he'll be an expert. Here are the brothers working side by side with the after school kids working on their projects. Another busy day at the museum!

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